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FAB is a new way to think about custom residential architecture.

Future Adaptive Building radically improves the quality and functionality of custom homes. A FAB home is designed with a High Performance Shell and a Tailored Interior to create a sustainable, adaptable, well crafted home that’s efficient to build and retains its long term market value. A beautifully modern home that helps you to live well and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

A FAB Shell maximizes lot potential and environmental performance.

The High Performance Shell is designed to connect the house with its site by optimizing solar orientation, natural ventilation, and the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. FAB shells are constructed with energy efficient walls and a durable cladding system. Our TEC chimney consolidates the mechanical systems and allows for future upgrading.

A FAB Interior optimizes livability and flexibility.

The Tailored Interior is designed to perfectly fit homeowner needs – both now and in the future. The main floor’s loose-fit loft style open space flexibly adapts to different living arrangements. The FAB modular storage system on the second floor can be used to adjust the size and number of bedrooms. Finally, FAB interior design integrates furniture and finishing choices into the home right from the beginning.

A FAB house retains its long term value.

Custom designed homes can sometimes be difficult to sell if they have floor plans that don’t match what buyers are looking for. Future Adaptive Building eliminates this problem, because it enables new buyers to tailor the interior to their own specific needs – easily and with very little expense. Simply put, a FAB house won’t go out of date and will have better resale performance than houses that are frozen in the past.


The FAB process is quick and accurate.

Our systems approach standardizes construction components without losing the flexibility and individuality of a custom home. Design can be completed in as little as 4 months and construction in just 8. That’s almost half the time of a typical custom project which reduces financing costs, monthly construction overhead, and interim accommodation costs during the build. The FAB design process also minimizes the cost fluctuations typically found in custom projects.

The FAB real estate process saves you time and money

By integrating the FAB process into the property search, we can begin the custom design of your home even before you start looking for a property. This jump-start on the process means that  all of the design and permitting can usually be completed by the time you take possession of your lot. That kind of  front-end efficiency can shave several month’s of costs for land financing and rental accommodation off your budget and get you into your new home even quicker.

You want a great home that perfectly fits the way you live.

We think a great home should also adapt to future needs and help you cope with the pressures of a changing world. Think of it as a home for current dreams as well as those still to come. We call it Future Adaptive Building and it’s an exciting new way to create a beautifully modern home that’s custom designed and built – for you and your site, both now and in the future.

The only thing constant in life is change.

Families expand and contract, functional needs come and go, technologies progress, and market expectations evolve. But, houses are frozen in time – crystallizations of the good life at the time they were built. The result is that most people end up in houses that are either out of date or no longer fit their needs. Future Adaptive Building offers a thoughtful alternative – a home that can be easily adapted to future demands without costly and disruptive renovations.

A FAB home responds to multiple scales of change.

A FAB house is designed to adapt to three types of changing needs. First, the Tailored Interior has loose-fit open plan main floor spaces that meet your short term needs for flexibility of use.  Second, the movable closets on the upper floor allow you to adjust the size and number of bedrooms to meet medium term changes in functional priorities. Finally, the High Performance Shell can be easily upgraded to future technologies and renewable energy sources to help you better cope with long term climate change.

A FAB home reflects your current lifestyle.

FAB is about more than future proofing. Modern detailing and sensible space planning also ensure that your home gracefully accommodates everything you want to do right now. This includes the basics of cooking, dining, relaxing, bathing, and sleeping as well as more individual activities such as working from home, practicing yoga, learning the piano, or caring for an aging parent. Open Gallery for more examples or Watch our Video.

housebrand is a one-stop-shop for homebuyers.

We combine architecture, construction, interior design, furniture retailing, and real estate brokerage into a vertically integrated service that provides single source accountability and maintains the design vision from concept to completion. We’ve leveraged this interdisciplinary expertise into our new Future Adaptive Building strategy. The result is the next generation of beautifully modern housebrand homes; each custom designed and built for a specific client and their site, both now and in the future.

Architecture is the core of housebrand.

We believe that good design makes your day-to-day activities easier and more enjoyable. We also think that houses should be simple to live in and light on the environment. Future Adaptive Building builds on this philosophy and our legacy of beautiful, open, light-filled homes to create an architecture that meet the challenges of 21st Century life.

Architectural services provided by John Brown, a registered architect in Alberta (as John Brown Architect Ltd.)

The success of any design lies in its execution.

Our integrated design/build process ensures a high level of construction quality and environmental performance with a tight control over project costs and schedule. The advanced systems-based processes incorporated into our Future Adaptive Building strategy dramatically reduce construction time and budget unknowns without sacrificing building performance or the individuality of custom-design. We are members of Alberta New Home Warranty  and Calgary Regional Home Builders’ Association.

Good design doesn’t end with the building.

Our comprehensive interior design service extends our design philosophy of simplicity and seamless functionality into all of the finishing details. We’ve assembled an edited collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories that integrate with our Future Adaptive Building philosophy. The result is a complete interior that integrates with the overall design vision of your home. We represent Bensen, Bocci, and Arper in Alberta.

Buying a property is a design decision.

Our unique design-based real estate service integrates the FAB design process into the property search. This helps to reduce risk by ensuring that your property choice is consistent with the architectural vision of your new home and works with your overall budget.

housebrand Real Estate Ltd. services provided by John Brown and Matthew North, licensed agents.

We begin with the end in mind.

In Calgary’s established communities there are three basic types of new home projects – Narrow Lot, Full Lot, and Estate Lot. They can be built in a variety of locations throughout the city and offer a range of different opportunities and constraints that impact house design, project costs, and lifestyle expectations. Our complimentary Feasibility Analysis will analyze your needs and provide a preliminary architectural program, target project budget, and recommended lot selection criteria to ensure your new home fits your goals.

Urban homes close to downtown.

Narrow Lot Projects are located in the first ring of neighborhoods adjacent to the inner city.  The properties are typically 25′ wide, 120′-125′ deep, and rectangular in shape. Most have alley access to a detached rear garage. This can restrict outdoor living space in the backyard, particularly for properties with a shorter depth. House size is usually limited by the elongated geometry of the lot but a well designed plan layout will ensure large spaces and ample day-lighting throughout the home.

Family homes with great backyards.

Full Lot Projects are built in the second ring of neighborhoods that were developed in the 60’s-70’s. They offer good proximity to inner city action while featuring quiet streets, large yards, and a family friendly community. Properties are usually 50′-60′ wide, 100′ deep, and rectangular or pie shaped. Some require an attached front drive garage. House size and layout should capitalize on the large lot width for day-lighting and a strong connection to the outdoors while avoiding the potential limitations of a shorter lot depth.


Large homes on Large Properties.

Estate Lot Projects are usually built in Calgary’s oldest and most established communities. The properties are typically a minimum of 50′ wide and 125′ deep. They can be rectangular or irregular in shape and most have back alley access for a detached rear garage. Many lots are sloped or have eccentric site conditions that can increase construction complexity and cost. House size and layout should capitalize on the individual character of the property and the opportunity for generous outdoor spaces.

A collection of great FAB house + lot packages.

We’ve secured some of the best new-build properties in Calgary’s established communities and jump-started the process with concept house designs and development permit applications. This simplifies the property search process because we’ve pre-vetted the redevelopment potential of the lots. It also significantly reduces the time to construction start without losing any of the design flexibility that you’d expect in a custom home project. Call John Brown 403 614 8363 to learn more about our current listings.

Seeing is believing.

The best way to learn about Future Adaptive Building is to visit our Elbow Park Sample House. Learn about the technical details that make up our High Performance Shell and how a Tailored Interior can adapt to changing needs. Above all, experience the difference that living in an architecturally designed housebrand residence can make.

Call to book an appointment for a private viewing.

The FAB Concept House is located at 1220 39 Ave SW

Contact John Brown to arrange a private showing

403 614 8363


FAB Concept House

1220 39 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1W9

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Renovations for a changing world.

Sometimes a new custom-home project isn’t an option. It may be a question of cost or that the neighborhood in which you want to live can’t support a new build. With our re-FAB program you can still take advantage of our Future Adaptive Building philosophy.This can range from new furniture and an interior refresh to a complete “back to the studs” renewal. re-FAB brings our advanced design thinking to a much wider segment of the housing market and can be easily incorporated into a real estate search.


Rideau Condominium

This is the first completed reFAB project. It was designed for an empty-nest couple who purchased two side-by-side one bedroom units in an inner city mid-rise building. The house is organized around a large light-filled central living space that faces out to a terrace and city view. A large sliding wall on the left side of the space temporarily conceals the open kitchen from view. On the right side, a matching wall slides to reveal a combined family / guest bedroom.

Lake Bonavista Split-Level

This main floor renovation was designed for a young couple with two small children. The 1,300 sqft split-level house was first constructed in 1962 and had been poorly renovated in the past. The redesign removes an awkward 45 degree fireplace in the center of the plan and opens up the main floor into a single loft space with a new entry and open kitchen at the front. The living and dining area run along the back of the house and open out to a generous back garden.

Point McKay Condominium

This  renovation for a single professional combines two small suites into one large two bedroom corner unit. The primary challenge was integrating a large existing service core located in the center of the plan. The redesign places the kitchen in the center of the space and uses the island and pantry cabinetry to conceal the core. The living, dining, and media rooms wrap around the kitchen and face the view. In the master suite an open master closet slides behind the center-plan bed.

Elbow Park Residence

The clients are an empty nest couple who had raised their family in this 2,800 sqft house. The redesign focused on expanding the kitchen and reconfiguring the living and dining areas. New terrace doors and windows were installed to improve the connection to the garden. The existing masonry wood burning fireplace was rejuvenated with a new material palette and built-in storage. The kitchen pantry millwork extends into the dining room as a sideboard.

Furniture that changes with the times.

We believe that the principles of Future Adaptive Building should include the furniture. In a world of constant change, having tables, seating, storage, and lighting that can adapt to your evolving needs makes functional sense and helps future-proof your initial financial investment. Whether you need furniture for a whole home, a room, or just a single piece, visit our  Mission Showroom or our FAB Sample House to learn how our FAB inspired collection can work for you.

About Arper

“Everything is in flux – life, culture, technology – and that basic fact demands a considered response. Good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste and sustainability. That concentration of meanings, associations and possibilities must reside in simple, singular forms. We believe the best objects carry a rich, intellectual density in a shape that seems natural and effortless. An object that feels spontaneous while clearly the result of rigor and precision.” excerpt from

About Bensen

Bensen is a Canadian design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his staff, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Our philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world. ”Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design. ” excerpt from

About Bensen

Bensen is a Canadian design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his staff, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Our philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world. ”Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design. ” excerpt from

About Bensen

Bensen is a Canadian design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his staff, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Our philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world. ”Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design. ” excerpt from

About Bocci

In 2005, Bocci was founded in a red barn surrounded by hay fields, on the periphery of Vancouver, Canada. All Bocci designs are developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality, and scale. Bocci operates as a co-operative community of designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities, raw material suppliers, and fine shops. excerpt from

A  selection from our portfolio.

01  Premier Way      07  Lakeview

02  Altadore             08  Jerome

03  Hilltop                09  Cliff Bungalow

04  Desert               10  Wildwood

05  Hillhurst             11  Ramsay

06  Brentwood        12  Concept House


Premier Way Residence

This Estate Lot Project is located on a front sloping lot in Mount Royal. It is the first completed FAB house and was designed for a couple with a young family. The 2800 sqft floor area is distributed over two floors and a partial front walkout basement. The main floor kitchen and living area wrap around a private back courtyard. A private front study is defined by a walnut FAB library unit. The upper floor is configured with 3 bedrooms and a large master dressing room.

Altadore Residence

The 2,300 sqft home in this Full Lot Project is LEED Certified. The L-shaped floor plan creates a large front facing courtyard that continues the neighborhood tradition of front yard living. This over-sized side yard setback also allows unrestricted glazing on the south side wall to bring daylight deep into the main floor and naturally heat the concrete floor. The open tread stairway facilitates convention cooling in the summer and distributes warm air from the living room stove in the winter.

Hilltop Residence

This 2,300 sqft Full Lot Project is located at the top of a very steep hill and was designed for a young couple just starting a family. The lot was a hidden gem with lots of mature trees and unobstructed views of the city beyond, but had very limited street access due to the steep front yard. The kitchen and living  room face the front city views with a dining table set back near the open riser stair. The master bedroom on the upper floor faces the front view with two additional bedrooms at the rear.

Desert Residence

This Estate Lot Project was designed for a young family. The main floor layout maximizes the connection to outdoor living spaces at the front and back of the house. The back deck doubles the size of the main floor living space and features an outdoor seating/dinig area and kitchen. The formal dining area at the front of the house  is oriented to a small intensely planted rock garden.  The master suite features a private deck with views to the street and the rock garden below.

Hillhurst Residence

This 2,000 sqft Full Lot Project is located on a quiet cul de sac. With no back alley, the property required a double attached front drive garage.  The stair is located at the front of the house, adjacent to the entry in order to create a single open-plan living space opening to the back garden. A sliding glass panel wall  flexibly subdivides this space into formal and informal areas. The master bedroom headboard incorporates a garden window, built-in side tables, and book storage.

Brentwood Residence

Lakeview Residence

This Estate Lot Project is a proto FAB home designed for a family of five. The 3200 sqft house is located on a wide but shallow property with no back alley access. An entry porch continues the neighborhood tradition of front yard living. The kitchen, dining, and living spaces all face the south facing rear terrace and private garden. The 4 upper floor bedrooms are defined by the FAB modular storage system and can be reconfigured into other layouts as the family’s needs change.

Jerome Salon + Residence

The owner of a successful hair salon wanted to “live above the shop” and purchased a small corner lot in a transitional downtown neighborhood. The main floor has enclosed parking, salon reception, and a residential lobby. The second floor is a large commercial salon. The owner’s residence on the third floor is organized around a large south-facing exterior living space that brings sunlight deep into the plan. A second guest unit faces the city view and park.

Cliff Bungalow Residence

This 2700 sqft Estate Home Project is located on a steeply sloped pie-shaped property with a rear attached garage. The C-shaped plan is organized around a series of south facing outdoor decks that capitalize on the river views. The kitchen, living, and dining spaces on the top floor wrap around the upper terrace. Two bedrooms on the second level share the middle terrace while a third bedroom and family room on the lower walkout level sharing a deck.

Wildwood Residence

This Full Lot Project for a family of five is a proto FAB home. It is 2300 sqft and located on a reverse pie-shaped lot. The main floor has an open-plan loft layout on the main floor with free-standing cabinetry creating a spatial separation for the front entry and dining area. The upper plan uses the FAB modular storage system to create a 4 bedroom layout. The over-sized master bedroom incorporates a yoga exercise space behind a low free-standing headboard unit.

Ramsay Residence

Concept House



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