In 1998 housebrand pioneered the building of modern houses in Calgary's established communities. Seventeen years and 250 projects later we're revolutionizing the housing market once again

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Redefining residential design and construction for a new age

FAB house has a high performance shell that optimizes functionality

FAB house has an agile interior layout that adapts to changing needs

FAB house has a balanced lot design that integrates the house into its site

FAB houses are comfortably modern

FAB houses have bright open spaces

FAB houses have beautifully simple finishes

FAB houses adapt to your changing needs

FAB houses are elegantly efficient

FAB houses fit the way you live

4 Easy Steps to a FAB house

Select a Shell

Compare our six prefab building shells and choose the one that meets your budget and life style.

Design the Details

Work with our architecture team to design a custom interior and exterior that are as individual as you are.

Find Your Site

Use our design-integrated real estate service to find the perfect building lot that fits your house, your budget, and the rest of your life.

Fabricate & Move-in

Watch our team fabricate your high-performance shell, outfit the custom-designed interior, and install your individualized exterior.

FAB house takes housebrand’s design-build-real estate process to a whole new level. Prefab construction techniques increase technical performance and an agile design strategy improves livability by allowing your house to adapt to your changing needs. The FAB house process moves at the speed of the real estate market with shorter design and approval times, quicker construction, higher quality, and fewer cost unknowns. FAB house builds on the housebrand legacy of comfortable modern living and makes the option of living in an architect designed new home even more accessible to Calgary home buyers.

$600k - $1.2m construction
$1.0m - $2.5m with land


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Redefining residential design and construction for a new age